Monday, June 29, 2009

misch. blog

yea dis is juss a blog bout me bloggin cuz im bored lol sooo my bdaii was JUNE 27TH which was a kool daii bout sum kewl stuff had a gudd time wit my old friend naomi we rawked 42 it was dumb fun movies walkin around being stupid it was kewl...btw transformers 2 da realest i swear optimus prime is a fuckin G and i wish my car culd do dat when i get 1 if a mustang cuz do dat it would b fuckin crazi dat movies is soooo fuckin funny......soooo yea ima make more meaningful blogs juss real bored soo yea did dis

Friday, June 5, 2009

my momma

damn where do i begin when talkin bout my momma, shes the only girl i truly ever been IN love with, ive had my share of females ive loved but none come near my momma. dis may b too much it may seem obsessive shit it could even look desperate but 2 b completely honest i dont give a fuck...if u culd look inside my heart and c how i feel bout her ud live ur life lookin for sum1 who gives u da same feeling. i kno we have our ups and downs shit i kno dere is more 2 come....but im willing to do da impossible just to c dat smile on her face and to keep her mines...we started as friends who were meant 4 soo much more theres been moments where i culdnt stand her times where she hated me 2 a point where she wanted 2 get me jumped we truly been thru alot of shit and stress and confusion....but dat y she is my MRS. COMPLICATED! the thing other have 2 understand is dat ima a romantic and a cancer we have a goods and bads....some gudds r we can make u fall in love we can keep u happy we can make ur life easy .....some bads i get attached quick fall in love 2 fast do things w/o thinking, and yes we get desperate sumtimes...also we get jealous real jealous sumtimes 4 no reason at all and i guess my reason 4 writing dis is to get it out my head i dont want 2 ruin something dat hasnt even had a chance 2 b amazin.... im a whole different kind of b4 da kind i think my momma needs but i need 2 werk on me i mean we all make mistakes but learnin 4rum dem is wat makes me a better man 4 u....." u gotta have ur pops" when da truth is ur pops gotta have u


Thursday, June 4, 2009

ooooh shhhheeeeeet its done da search is ova

yes i think im finally done i think i have found my wife da 1 im suppose 2 b wit dese other females wasnt even worth da time i shuld of realized dis in 2004 damn dats long all i kno is im not lettng u go now... wit dis new understand and feelin in my heart things seem 2 b goin da right waii who knew i didnt u didnt my big and lil sis knew but dey dont count

......u call me ur poppa i call u my momma my lil sis saiis if ur her poppa i guess "she gotta have her pops" but i think its da other waii around love u baby

idgaf how people feel or saii or c our relationship i choosin 2 b wit u not dem sooo dey dont matter my job now is juss 2 make u happy u dig

im superman shes my lois lane