Wednesday, May 27, 2009

frunters frunters frunters

ayo dis ya boii devin checkin in to blog out wats on my mind feel me.... sooo i think ive had it wit frunters and girls who play games i hate dem like seriously i do shit i hate it when girls r bad and wifeable but dey wanna b fuckin frunters......stop playin dese games and b grown damn i want a real wife like not a bad bitch but a beautiful woman feel me....fuck dat im 2 much of a romantic but frunters need 2 get locked up or sumthing.....stop being a dubb and pack it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

da bestie tazz

so where do i begin talkin bout da bestie tazz....she has asked me 2
make a blog bout her so i guess here it goes..... dis girl here is like my other half she soo much alike damn we been thru hell and bac its crazi we both alive....yea we got sum gudd memories and fun times shes fuckin crazi and she makes my life soo complicated she sure is my ms complicated wit her losaface... luv her tho always will b dere 4 her

Sunday, May 24, 2009

cuffin is year round????!??!?!?!?

wat is dis cuffin is year round wat is dis new outbreak of cuffin its like da swine flu it popped out of nowhere lmfao it seems like i shuld get on da wave ......guess ima have to b like edward cullen and get my bella.....feeel me like wats up niggas is juss cufffin im not even gonna lie da females dese daiis r lookin real rite 2 b wives.....anywaiii dis blog is juss 2 show people that flows is sooo 2008 cuffin is soo 3008 lmfao yooooo holla at me iiight
yung eagle ova and out

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sexiest song ever

Sex Planet:

jupiter, pluto, venus, saturn. im leavin earth girl to explore your galexy. ten to zero blast off here we go. we'll b climaxing to we reach mercury girl, tell me r u ready girl, take a trip out of dis world. iil guarantee u like it it will take your breath away gonna get u so excited once i taste your milky way. girl spend da night come take a flight wit me out into space

girl u sending me all these sexual energy and i gotta grab it right now i gotta have it. shooting stars a trip 2 mars i can get us dere from where we r so dont trip i got a GIANT rocket gliding throught juss hitting ur pocket.

sex planet, come fly away wit me right in my exdcy, out in the galexy sex planet get ready 4 take off babe zooom have a safe trip babe

now its juss us both i got da control in da middle of darkness girl relax and juss flow im bout 2 twinkle in a touch ur soul once i enter ur blackhole............girl now that ur next 2 me we will b juss like a satellite watching over the earth, we'll make space our paradise girl i promise dis will b painless, we take a trip to planet juraness oh juss put ur trust in me and girl i promise destination will b a trip you never forget im gonna take u OUT OF DIS WERLD so hold on tight my dear cuz im bout 2 take u out of here....and get u 2 my

chorus x2

ima stick a flag on da moon first couple to ever make love on planet neptune ohhhhhhhhh and if time allows us we'll b gone 4 hours i wont stop until i give u a meteor shower so if u want it say ooo and if u need it say ooo and if u realli gotta have it saii oooo and u want me to take u 2 space

chorus x3

time 4 blast off
blast off

hoe or not a hoe....dats da fuckin question

sooo c is da thing im da kind of nigga that loves sex i find it soooo exhilerating and fun intimate....i can go on
but wat makes a nigga a hoe cuz me im da dude dat makes sure.........
she satisfied first b4 me gotta make sure she nut
does dat make me a hoe? like wat would i b called?...................
ladies i need ur advice deadass cuz i gotta kno like feel me

Monday, May 18, 2009


lmfao yo females dese daiis. sooo many personality soo many styles like its soo hard to find da right 1..
how do u kno dey r da right 1 like seriously
does any1 ever find dere right 1 or juss dere right now
like ive dated any females and stuff and can make most of dem wifeys but if u find da right 1 da werk is done no more searching no more stress everything shuld juss b easy.

if someone culd tell me wat my right 1 is lukkin like tell me

juss everyday

life is soo confusing like i feel like isnt predestined for any1 but its gives u choices mulitple choices and sumtime more den1 choice seems right but u find out its not wtf right??!??!?!? i kno but wat can u do right dis is my first blog so it wont b dat interesting over and out