Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sexiest song ever

Sex Planet:

jupiter, pluto, venus, saturn. im leavin earth girl to explore your galexy. ten to zero blast off here we go. we'll b climaxing to we reach mercury girl, tell me r u ready girl, take a trip out of dis world. iil guarantee u like it it will take your breath away gonna get u so excited once i taste your milky way. girl spend da night come take a flight wit me out into space

girl u sending me all these sexual energy and i gotta grab it right now i gotta have it. shooting stars a trip 2 mars i can get us dere from where we r so dont trip i got a GIANT rocket gliding throught juss hitting ur pocket.

sex planet, come fly away wit me right in my exdcy, out in the galexy sex planet get ready 4 take off babe zooom have a safe trip babe

now its juss us both i got da control in da middle of darkness girl relax and juss flow im bout 2 twinkle in a touch ur soul once i enter ur blackhole............girl now that ur next 2 me we will b juss like a satellite watching over the earth, we'll make space our paradise girl i promise dis will b painless, we take a trip to planet juraness oh juss put ur trust in me and girl i promise destination will b a trip you never forget im gonna take u OUT OF DIS WERLD so hold on tight my dear cuz im bout 2 take u out of here....and get u 2 my

chorus x2

ima stick a flag on da moon first couple to ever make love on planet neptune ohhhhhhhhh and if time allows us we'll b gone 4 hours i wont stop until i give u a meteor shower so if u want it say ooo and if u need it say ooo and if u realli gotta have it saii oooo and u want me to take u 2 space

chorus x3

time 4 blast off
blast off

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